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The day has finally come. This journal is dedicated to our fursuit project, you can follow our progress and failures. I'm doing this, with NimfaHUN, visit her progress journal as well (Fursuit Progress Journal). Don't ask, do it. Seriously.
Additional note: This is our second attempt at making a fursuit.

Day 1

Let's get things started. The first fursuit we made about 2 years ago was a foam based one, and this time we agreed on trying out the balaclava method. I'm kinda scared personally, but let's see how it goes. After getting the last things we've missed, we started working on our suits afternoon.

Shiz by HUNDraGirl

NO. SEWING. MACHINE. GOD. DAMNIT. Well, it's hand-sewing time then. Sure we want to spend the whole afternoon with this, why not.
To make this not-that-boring, we were listening to music - 3 Shinedown albums to be exact. After that, we were watching cartoons... with... carrots. The dinner was pizza, thank you mom :heart: Oh, and our old hobby is back: visiting the shop like 5 minutes before it's closing time.

Toby side by HUNDraGirl  Woof side by HUNDraGirl

Yay it is finished. Too bad that it's midnight, and you probably won't see this journal until Day 2, because we are bad at writing and we are also lazy to post the journal.

Say hi. :I
Hi by HUNDraGirl

Day 2 (aka Toby's day)

Now that we have the balaclavas ready, it's time to start sculpting/foaming!

11720754 703414199786759 1436058427 N by HUNDraGirl

We have everything we need, yay. *gives a pat on the back*
Our doll head was too small, so a bit of padding was needed to achieve the right size.

11666953 703414216453424 404090687 N by HUNDraGirl11721848 703414209786758 1566959116 N by HUNDraGirl

Now let's get really started! Or not... Yeah, we could only work on one head at once, so we dedicated this day for Toby's head. After checking the tutorials again, the first thing we thought would be okay to do, is putting a huge ass foam right on the face.

11713554 703414219786757 811375339 N by HUNDraGirl

I have pretty socks. And a long hair. But I like my socks more.
After drawing the eye pattern onto this foam, NimfaHUN started working on the muzzle. Meanwhile I was watching some kind of random cartoon. I was kinda useless x:

11692872 703414259786753 1329947466 N by HUNDraGirl

I could help with the cheeks and the rest of the sculpting later, yay. We've purchased a thicker piece of foam earlier, but it turned out to be too thick. I couldn't cut through it with the scissors, and we don't have an electric knife - so I was just stabbing the foam with the scissors. After that, I've started to use our super pair of scissors as a knife, it was meant to be a joke, but I got surprised that it was working perfectly.

A bit of shaping here, a bit of shaping there ~
I was trying to make it look like as the head was smiling, I think I've achieved something.

11714359 703414309786748 1431249620 N by HUNDraGirl

11719886 703277169800462 767047507 N by HUNDraGirl

And a bit more shaping...

11721085 703284459799733 99266794 N by HUNDraGirl

Aaaand a bit moooore
11713561 703301736464672 979272425 N by HUNDraGirl

11720141 703302506464595 576462132 N by HUNDraGirl

11655552 703300733131439 169069015 N by HUNDraGirl

Finally, at around midnight again (... maybe at 1 am) we've put the ears on together, after many fail attempts. Toby is done!

11186444 703414379786741 395834272 N by HUNDraGirl 11716101 703414386453407 2090831703 N by HUNDraGirl
11666949 703414419786737 1628865935 N by HUNDraGirl

11696900 703415939786585 768967954 N by HUNDraGirl 11720438 703415936453252 1822524159 N by HUNDraGirl

Day 3-7

Mkay, so we kinda forgot to update the journal. I'll try to do Day 3-7 in one run, since I don't really remember everything :x
Day 3-ish:
I was working on my head that day, with my thumbs hurting from the day before. I could only progress slowly, it was really painful. I might be mistaking here, but I think Toby was working on our T-shirt design and on the Free Hugs board (we didn't use that, but we will surely do next year).
PIC TIME. (Ps.: We've got less picture this time, we were really into working that day)

Woof 1 by HUNDraGirl
Woof 2 by HUNDraGirlWoof 3 by HUNDraGirl

Suddenly... CATS

Suddenly CATS by HUNDraGirlSuddenly CATS 2 by HUNDraGirl
Suddenly CATS 4 by HUNDraGirlSuddenly CATS 5 by HUNDraGirl
Woof temp ear by HUNDraGirl
I was not satisfied with the template ears, I got back to those later. I'm not sure when though.

Free Hugs 1 by HUNDraGirl
Free Hugs 2 by HUNDraGirl
*forgot to upload the finished picture*

Day 4-ish:
If I remember right, it was monday. My grandmother invited us for a lunch, so we could not proceed much that day. We took my sister's dog with us, so she could go for a walk. My mother picked us up though.
Meanwhile monday by HUNDraGirl
Meanwhile monday 3 by HUNDraGirl
Meanwhile monday 2 by HUNDraGirl

I'm not really sure what we were doing the rest of the day. Maybe I was finishing up Woof's ears? I don't remember D:

Woof temp ear 2 by HUNDraGirl

Day 5-ish:
After a small shopping to get the rest of the stuff we needed, we decided to make the eyes.

Eyes 1 by HUNDraGirl
Toby eyes 3 by HUNDraGirlToby eyes 2 by HUNDraGirl
Toby eyes 1 by HUNDraGirl
Woof eyes 1 by HUNDraGirl

After getting the eyes done, We had a small photoshooting just for fun P:

Woof base 2 by HUNDraGirlWoof base 1 by HUNDraGirl
Toof base by HUNDraGirl
Photoshooting 1 by HUNDraGirlPhotoshooting 2 by HUNDraGirl
Photoshooting 3 by HUNDraGirlPhotoshooting 4 by HUNDraGirl
Photoshooting 5 by HUNDraGirlPhotoshooting 7 by HUNDraGirl
Photoshooting 6 by HUNDraGirl

Alrighty, bases done (at least Toby is 100% done as a base), it's time to get prepared for furring. Get your shiny new faux fur and brush the hell out of it.
Actually no, please try to do it in a gentle way, but still removing the stuff that is not needed

Fur brush 1 by HUNDraGirl
Fur brush 2 by HUNDraGirlAfter fur brush by HUNDraGirl

I think this was also the day my graphic tablet got fixed by my father. I was so worried that it won't work anymore, a lots of love to him for this ;-;.
He also took a look at the sewing machine so we could get stuff started! We did Woof's tail that night, and started Toby's tail as well, but we could not finished is that night, so it was my first thing to do the next morning.

Woof tail by HUNDraGirl

Suddenly... Cats again (well, only one of them)

Bagira visit 1 by HUNDraGirlBagira visit 2 by HUNDraGirl

Day 6-7-ish:
Toby's tail: DONE. Sorry, no picture this time ;;
I was finishing up my head base, while Toby was taping her head base.

Woof finished eyes by HUNDraGirlWoof finished eyes 2 by HUNDraGirl
Toby tape 2 by HUNDraGirlToby tape 1 by HUNDraGirl
Toby tape 3 by HUNDraGirl

At this point, it got pretty clear for me, that we won't be able to finish my head. But the fact that I could see Toby come alive, was keeping me motivated the whole time.
The next thing we did is the paws. Quickly paw pattern, I've cut out the pieces for mine, and then we used the template to get the pattern for Toby's paws.
After this, Toby was sewing her paws, and I started cutting out and sewing the pieces together for her head. We also agreed to stay awake the whole night so we had a chance to finish at least one head.

Toby paws by HUNDraGirlToby 1 by HUNDraGirlToby 2 by HUNDraGirlToby 3 by HUNDraGirl
*still has pretty socks*

... Don't mind us, we were tired
Don't mind us by HUNDraGirl

At around 2am, Toby finished her handpaws, and joined me with the sewing. I was cutting out the patterns, and she was sewing them together. This took a hell lot of time.

Toby 4 - bear by HUNDraGirl
Toby 5 by HUNDraGirlToby 6 by HUNDraGirl

A little bit of fixing, cleaning and packing after. We were awake until 2 am (Friday).
The last 2 photos we took:
Last night - derp by HUNDraGirl
Last night - hi by HUNDraGirl
I stole Toby's paaaws.

A short sleep, and it's time to travel. The train was soooooooo effing cold. I was seriously freezing.
We had small adjustments on Toby after we arrived Toby's place, we didn't sleep much again. WORTH IT.
We also had a bit of off-topic fun. Don't judge us.

RIP Tesco stuff 3 by HUNDraGirlRIP Tesco stuff by HUNDraGirl
RIP Tesco stuff 2 by HUNDraGirl
And finally...


While we were still on the train, Toby finished my paws. They are sooooo fluffy ;3;
I don't know what else can I tell. The weather was hot, we were tired as hell, the day was long, but I reaaaaaally enjoyed it. LET DA PICTURES TALK

Mondocon 1 by HUNDraGirlMondocon 2 by HUNDraGirl
Mondocon 3 by HUNDraGirlMondocon 4 by HUNDraGirl
Mondocon 5 by HUNDraGirlMondocon 6 by HUNDraGirl
Mondocon 7 by HUNDraGirl
Mondocon 8 - OMG PICTURRHH by HUNDraGirl


So, we made our first fursuits 2 years ago. We didn't do anything fursuit related the time between. Toby's eyes need a bit of fix, the fur needs to be shaved a bit more, her tounge is not glued in, and she hasn't got a neck part yet. But I think, this is an improvement?
(Old Toby: right, New Toby: left)

11749819 712004542261058 179324588 N by HUNDraGirl
11774661 712004548927724 860922201 N by HUNDraGirl

Additional stuff:
During this whole week, we listened through 3 Shinedown albums, watched 2 seasons of Chowder, 2,5 seasons of Family Guy, and some random cartoons on the TV (which was actually my laptop with an online TV opened).

Meanwhile 2 by HUNDraGirl

Oh, and one night we were going to the Tesco and Toby noticed a plushie which was in a weird position, and reminded her to a finised fursuit head.

Fooled Fake Suit by HUNDraGirl

And don't forget our T-shirt. I luv it sooooo much

Toof shirt by HUNDraGirl

Special thanks to TESCO GUMICUKOR.


HUNDraGirl's Profile Picture
Hai, welcome to my page o/

I'm a girl from Hungary. Kinda cheerful, sometimes upset. But that's how life works.
I don't really know what else can I say... You can't get to know someone by reading some lines.
If you have some time, please check out my friend's account c: :heart:
Stamps... :la:

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Profile pic by my awesome sister NimfaHUN

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